Excelsior Candle Co. 6oz Gold Tin Candle

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The ultimate Excelsior Candle Co. experience awaits you in this new 6-ounce pour featuring gemstones and real florals poured into the renewable soy wax. Hand-crafted in small batches, each candle is made in St.Paul, Minnesota with 100% cotton wicks and your choice from several of their signature can’t-find-’em-anywhere-else fragrance blends. 

- Handcrafted in Minnesota

- Renewable, biodegradable soy wax

- Recyclable and reusable jars

- Lead-free cotton wicks

Tips & Use:

To prevent uneven burning and that frustrating “well” down the center, light the candle and burn it at least long enough for a pool of wax to form across the entire surface of the candle before extinguishing. This will guarantee a smooth burn and long life for your candle.